Get Started With A Strategic Review

A two- or three-day strategic review session will yield additional insights and actionable recommendations to overcome the current obstacles to customer acquisition and building your brand.

Focus your limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales, develop a closer relationship with your customer, and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

We’ll closely review your business to understand your organization’s capability, your products, and your competitive position.  By asking the tough, probing questions and doing the difficult analysis work, the best strategic path forward can be identified.


The Research and Situation Analysis

Develop a shared perspective of your customers, competition, and the ability to grow your business. From a foundation of relevant data, important insights will emerge.

A review of the current obstacles to customer acquisition – in the context of current challenges – will be analyzed across the functional areas:

  • Sales/Channel support in the sales cycle, solution selling process, and sales enablement tools.
  • Product Marketing process to detail the day in the life of the customer and bridge the gap from the technology to actual customer business value.
  • Brand/Marketing Communications to identify and clearly articulate the unique customer business value and the unique “identity connection” that successful customers have with your company.


The following are example questions we will discuss in a strategic review:

  • What is your customer’s economic motivation or driver? Where does your product fit and what is (or can be) your impact?
  • What are the primary drivers to your revenue? And your profitability?
  • What drives your competition’s revenue and profitability? What value do they deliver to their customers? What is their growth and profit strategy?
  • What are the cost drivers to your business, the impacts on your profitability?
  • What are the competitive dimensions of your product and your competitors, serving the same market?
  • Within which markets and/or customer segments is your product at its strongest advantage over the competition? How would you rank your strongest prospect to your weakest, in terms of customer characteristics?
  • What are the emerging alternative/displacement offerings?
  • What is your current path to market? What changes in your product, your customer relationship, or path to market can enable growth?
  • How does your customer evaluate your product/service and what are you offering to improve and accelerate that evaluation?


After an initial phone consultation, we’ll develop an agenda customized to your business and your current situation and then conduct the Strategic Review with you. We’ll document your current situation issues and challenges, and the recommended improvements to implement.

Research and analyze for the next phase of growth for your business

Take the first step today.