Practice Area: Science & Tech Startups

Startups can benefit greatly from the support of experienced executives serving as a voice of wisdom that they can rely onto navigate unchartered territory – to advance their innovation from concept to business launch.

We’ll work along side you to move your research and vision through a proof of concept, determine its technical and market viability, and ultimately prepare you to launch your business.

Business Viability Review

We conduct a business viability review to identify the initial set of factors that can impact the success or failure of a business idea.

  • An initial and objective reading from our experts can provide a valuable, unbiased perspective, giving you an opportunity as early as possible in the product life cycle to test and adjust your business planning.
  • Viability reviews can verify a common vision among all principals in the business.


Proof Of Concept

Defining proof of concept is critical for idea-stage companies in order to bring your idea to life as a product or business.

  • We will work with you to formalize the product vision, product/market fit, and the best initial markets to reduce risk and maximize success.
  • We will plan the field testing strategy and prepare for initial funding.
  • For those products that require testing in humans, we have the experience needed to guide you through the regulatory pathway to achieve that goal.


Business Formation

Creating a formal business entity requires careful planning to protect your business interests from external threats, and to properly setup procedures for operations, expenses, investment, revenue, governance, and owner relationships.

  • We will work with you to establish your business entity, file trademark applications, protect your intellectual property, and secure your business domain name(s) for your email and website identity protection.


Brand Platform & Communication Strategy

More than your name and logo, your brand identifies your uniqueness, your values, and how you relate to your customer.

  • We will identify the best approach to communicating the value of your organization and product.
  • The necessary market research will be conducted in order for your business to effectively communicate market need and product fit, and develop justification for the use of your product.
  • Many of our projects include the development of the organization’s initial website and setup of social media accounts.


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