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ExcelStrategy assists businesses with discovering their growth markets, delivering breakthrough products and services, and creating long term value for their business. With a market-based perspective, we’ll crystallize a business strategy and implement a plan to drive growth for your company.

We’ll get closely involved with your business to understand your organizational capability, your products, and your competitive position.  We’ll ask the tough, probing questions, do the difficult analysis work, and challenge the status quo. We’ll develop the best strategic path forward, help you manage the new tactical activities and measure the progress of your business. We’ll be directly involved in the hands-on work as needed, based on your availability of marketing resources.

The types of projects we work on with our clients:


Strategic Review and Initial Marketing Package for Startups   

We conduct a business strategy review to identify the initial set of factors that can impact the success or failure of a business idea. Getting an initial reading from an external observer can provide an unbiased perspective, giving you the valuable opportunity to test and adjust your business planning. Do all of your principals share a common vision of the business and its strategic priorities?

  • Review, challenge, and enhance your business strategy.
  • Research, define, and document your growth markets and the ideal product-market fit.
  • USTPO trademark naming research and application.
  • Brand workshop to define and sharpen your brand, develop brand narrative.
  • Messaging, elevator pitch, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for public consumption.
  • Review and contribute to investor presentation material.
  • Initial website design, domain naming strategy and registration.
  • Social media strategy, account setup, and campaign guidelines.


Market Research and New Market Entry

Develop and clarify your strategic goals. Find the best configuration of your product and services to meet market demand, the best business model, and best method of delivering value to your customers (and the economic motivator). Being outflanked by new competitors, or stuck in an old business model? 

  • Uncover growth markets, determine most productive approach for market entry and development.
  • Identify new ways to serve customers with your products and services, within new, uncontested markets.
  • Research, analyze, and report on (global or local) markets for the ability to compete, gain market share, grow revenue, and sustain or grow profitability.
  • Identify key operational performance metrics for measuring near term growth. Identify key metrics to measure the creation of long term value and profitability.


Digital Marketing and Brand Building

Lets determine new ways to reach your target buyers with a message and offer that resonates, starting with a fully developed brand platform. Educate your target buyers and provide the motivation to drive sales. Who are your best customers? Where can you sell your product in its best fit, its strongest advantage, with minimal competition?

  • Develop an organization’s identity, visibility, and credibility.
  • Develop a deep understanding of the reader/listener/viewer and their use of emerging digital platforms/channels and content consumption habits.
  • Identify, test, and scale high-impact and emerging digital channels. Recommend new channels for digital marketing that fit brand and larger customer acquisition strategy.
  • Develop and implement appropriate policies and guidelines for content development, publishing, and community management on social platforms.
  • Selection and use of the new domain name extensions ideal for your brand, identified from the 1000+ choices. Achieve the advantages of the new internet ecosystem to increase your online visibility and elevate your brand.
  • Improve retail sales channel engagement and training, create effective buyer incentive programs.


Product Management and Innovation

Develop the plans regarding product development scope, timing, and product portfolio strategy. Launch new products that will drive growth for your company in new, uncontested markets. Are you building and delivering the right products? What trends threaten to disrupt your initial success?

  • Identify and conduct negotiations with external partners, service providers, and vendors to improve product profitability, determine build vs. buy recommendations regarding product development.
  • Lead the design, development, and launch of new internet-based products and services.
  • Transition a first/major customer success into a repeatable, scalable business model to drive revenue growth.


Interim / Part Time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for your business

Businesses not yet ready for the cost associated with a full time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) can now benefit from one on a part time basis, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time CMO. Many companies limit their strategic marketing costs by bringing in entry- to mid-level marketing staff, which can serve well in some capacity, but lack the experience and skills where a senior executive is critical to guiding the overall marketing priorities, project sequencing, and strategic planning that impacts the future of your business.

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