Domain Registry/Registrar Business Development & Marketing

For domain registries and registrars, ExcelStrategy brings executive level experience in marketing, strategy, product development and launch. This includes executive level experience with the .ORG domain registry, experience applying and launching 5 new domain name registries, implementing growth programs for new gTLDs, launching and managing domain registrar/retail businesses.

New Domain Registry Application and Launch

  • Business case development.
  • Market development strategy.
  • Selection of registry services provider.
  • Premium name and reserved name selection.
  • Application to ICANN for new gTLD.

Domain Registry Performance Management

  • Monthly performance reporting across several key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Channel partner selection – advantages or large or specialized registrar partners. Develop sales channel incentives and new channel partnerships to accelerate growth.
  • Linkage of channel partners with target market influencer partners.
  • Develop premium tier pricing.
  • Research and identify new and emerging market segments to drive new revenue growth and international expansion.
  • Conduct brand research and domain usage research to measure growth of targeted and emerging segments.
  • Develop a marketing plan and budget, balancing marketing and sales resources; prioritizing the programs that have the best impact on revenue growth and market reputation.

Development and Launch of a Registry’s Vertically Integrated Domain Registrar/Retail Business

  • Develop business strategy and investment level for retail activity, with phased go/no-go decision on launch.
  • Develop sales strategy for own retail storefront, non-interfering with registrar channel.
  • Review and selection of registrar services provider.
  • ICANN compliancy guidelines, policies, and practices you’ll need to implement for vertical integration – across your registry and retail operations, in consideration with the Registry Code of Conduct section of your registry’s ICANN contract.
  • Configure and setup of branded storefront.

Domain Registrar/Retail Management

  • Research, analyze, and report on (global or local) markets for the ability to compete, gain market share, grow revenue, and sustain or grow profitability.
  • Identify key operational performance metrics for measuring near term growth. Identify key metrics to measure the creation of long term value and profitability. Establish the reporting and data analytics to measure progress.
  • Determine the most productive approach and sequencing of activities for new market entry and new product launches. Identify resources including budget, people, systems and technology. Align and allocate resources, develop the rollout plan, and systematically measure the key performance indicators.
  • Grow customer awareness in priority markets – online through digital content production and distribution and influencer marketing, and offline through presence at conferences and establishing analyst relations.

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