Domain Portfolio Management & Brand Monitoring

ExcelStrategy assists you with identifying and registering the domain names that represent your business and brand(s). Beyond the must-have .com domains, we will provide guidance on the 1000+ new domain name extensions, identifying those which are most appropriate for your business.

We partner with a global brand management firm to facilitate domain portfolio management and online brand protection and enforcement.

Domain Portfolio Management

Domain name management is often a low priority within organizations and can be both time consuming and complex. With a personal touch and commitment to a high level of service, we will always go the extra mile to develop your domain portfolio and keep it in order. Our services include:

  • Domain registrations
  • Domain transfers
  • Domain renewals
  • Portfolio review and consolidation
  • Domain acquisitions

Online Brand Protection and Enforcement

  • Monitoring – for trademark infringing domain names, unauthorized use of logotypes, confusingly similar trademark registrations or other important matters.
  • Online domain health check – a full review of all possible infringing domain names and how to enforce your rights in the most targeted and effective way.
  • Domain disputes – Resolve domain disputes with the experience of working in many arbitration forums around the world.
  • Domain buy backs – Avoid costly, time consuming, and public legal proceedings if you want to acquire a domain already owned by a third party.
  • Anti-Phishing actions – have you discovered a fraudulent email coming from an email address that looks similar to yours? We help you around the clock to resolve it.
  • Social media infringements – has someone set up an unauthorized page or group on a social media platform? We can help.

We work with many top law firms, brand owners and trademark professionals from a small business requiring a single domain to world famous brands with more than 1000 domains in their portfolio.

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